The Basics of Solar Panel Installation

by / Thursday, 16 July 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

Humans have been pushed to find alternative energy resources that are both renewable and efficient because of the risk of depleting resources.

One of the best sources of energy is the sun. Through the PV cells found in solar electric panels, solar power is converted into usable energy. There are a number of ways for solar panel installation. This would depend on the energy required by the user as well as the type of roof.

PV cells are usually encased in a metal frame, usually aluminum. This allows the panels to be clamped or screwed easily on the roof. The materials needed for solar panel installation are roof anchors made of steel or aluminum, bolts, and clamps. Roof anchors are used as the base of the mount, where the mounting frame is attached.

The mounting frame is fastened to the roof anchors using bolts which are screwed tightly and a special locking system. Clamps are used to secure the solar panels on the mounting frame; they can either be end-clamp or mid-clamp depending on the number of solar panels that need to be secured.

After having all the elements needed for solar panel installation, you can begin the process. The installation team will survey the area and will check the location where it is mounted.

Before installing the solar panels to the roof, it is first surveyed, measured, and marked to signify correct positioning of the panels. The positioning phase is important in every solar panel installation to guarantee that the panel frames are in its correct locations.

After the roof anchors have been properly secured on the roof, the aluminum mounting bars or frame are attached.

Installing PV panels is the next step. Depending on the roof space, these PV panels can be set up in rows or columns. Afterwards, the panels are wired together to produce a complete electrical system. For every installation of solar panels, thorough planning and permits are needed before undergoing the mounting procedure.

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