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Pool Heat Pumps

Pools aren’t cheap, but in a few hours and for a fraction of your original investment, you can install a heat pump and enjoy your heated pool anytime rain or shine. You can essentially extend your yearly swimming another three to five months longer every year! Just imagine the added family fun, early morning laps and late evening dips!

System Operation

A Heat Pump is designed specifically for recreational water heating.

All home air conditioners, water coolers and even refrigerators have heat pumps that move heat from one place to another. A heat pump works as electrical energy goes into the compressor motor (1). The compressor turns this into mechanical energy and sucks cool gas from a gas-liquid Freon mixture in the evaporator tubes. As the Freon evaporates it absorbs four units of “free” heat from the warmer air the fan pulls over the outside of the tubes.

The compressor squeezes this gas causing its temperature to climb above 200 degrees Fahrenheit and adds the electrical/mechanical energy as another unit of heat. This hot, high pressure gas then enters the condenser coil (2) and passes the heat to the colder 80 degree Fahrenheit pool water being circulated over the outside of the coils. The Freon gas condenses back to a liquid at high pressure then flows through a valve (3) back to the lower evaporating pressure. This rapid pressure drops super cools the liquid Freon as it enters the evaporator (4) where it repeats the complete cycle.

Arizona Accurate has been serving the state of Arizona for years with high quality products that have been explicitly to maximize the effectiveness of our clients’ energy consumption. One of our many goals to in decrease the cost that our clients have to expend in order to maintain the quality of life that they so desire. To us, this means that we will do everything we can to ensure that their homes and luxuries are powered in the most affordable and cost effective way possible.

Take pools for example. Every pool has a pool pump, unless it is a wading pool or a baby pool. These full size pools and spas have an automated system that keeps the water flowing, and can even regulate the temperature of the pool’s water. When Arizona Accurate is called to install solar powered pool pumps we are prompt and available to accomplish the job in an expedient time frame.

Our pool pumps are specially designed to utilize solar power, which is converted into the energy needed to heat and regulate the pool’s water, levels and filter. Solar powered pool pumps have the awesome ability to function throughout the year with a steady decrease in cost compared to other sources of electrical energy. Living in the Arizona desert allows our customers to use pools throughout the year, in most parts of the state, and with the immense resource of the sun at our disposal, we can provide a much more affordable long-term cost for your pool’s functionality.

Using solar energy in Arizona is a good way to save money as you will then be eligible for a variety of rebates, which will further help keep your personal costs lower. Solar powered pool pumps, solar electricity, if you want to save money and help the environment give Arizona Accurate a call and see how we can help you today.