The Benefits of Going Solar

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Solar pool heating

Solar is an exceptional source of clean energy. Its fuel, which is sunlight, is free and limitless. Plus, solar emits nothing harmful when converted into energy. Although it is less efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, it is very cost-effective in turning its fuel into heat. That’s why it is widely used in pool heating systems nowadays.

For decades, people have been taking pleasure in solar heated swimming pools. The U.S. Department of Energy has recognized solar pool heating as one of the most efficient means of minimizing energy consumption.

There are numerous benefits of using solar water heating systems. Here are some of them.

Helps Save on Bills

Initially, you are going to save bucks with a solar pool heater. While it’s true that its system can cost much if you take the professional route, you can, nonetheless, get back its cost difference in fuel savings during the first two or three years of using it.

Solar pool heating systems are a smart investment. Once it is installed, you will no longer have to worry about the cost of heating your swimming pool. Generally, a solar pool heater has one time equipment cost that pays for itself after no more than two short years.

Higher Property Value

In addition, a solar water heating system increases a property’s market value as it is an attractive feature to potential home buyers. So no matter how much money you invest in the system, it may return to you when you decide to sell your home in the future.

It’s Safe and Reliable

Another of its benefits is that it is safe and reliable. The equipment has no fan motors that could breakdown or heat exchangers that could corrode. So basically, this solar pool heating system can keep doing its job quietly, season after season.

Environment and Health Friendly

Because it’s using natural energy, solar is environment friendly. You can revel in the thought of knowing that what you are utilizing is a green energy source and it conserves our natural resources.

Solar also limits carbon footprint, minimizes reliance on imported nonrenewable sources of energy such as fuel, and can help conserve more than 16,000 gallons of water per year. Not only those, but using solar-powered pool heaters may also be beneficial to your health as it does not emit any harmful substances that can pollute the air, soil and water.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance and operation of the equipment takes little to no effort because of its simple design. As each installation of a solar heating system is unique, various factors should be considered when considering having one installed. Nevertheless, however small or big the system is, all of these solar pool heaters can be easily maintained.

While electric and gas pool heating systems require a yearly maintenance service, a solar pool heating system does not. So you are not just going to save on expenses, it’s also going to save you the hassle of hiring people to maintain it.

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