Warm Your Above-Ground Pool with a Solar Pool Heater

by / Wednesday, 10 December 2014 / Published in Solar
solar heating for pools

Whether or not your above-ground swimming pool requires a solar heater depends on your preferences and where you live. In hot climates, high temperatures are usually enough to keep the pool warm. If you live in a place with a cooler climate, however, the pool water may not always be at a temperature that is comfortable and warm enough for you. In cases as such, an above-ground pool heater may benefit you and even extend your swimming season.

One of the most popular above-ground pool heaters on the market today are solar pool heaters. These heaters work by harnessing the energy of the sun and converting this energy to heat, warming your swimming pool. What’s great about solar heating for pools is that solar heaters are absolutely free to operate.

Thanks to the media emphasizing the importance of energy conservation, and the impact of utilizing solar energy on the ecosystem, many homeowners has led to consider solar heating for pools. It not only is an environmentally superior way for pool heating, it is also cost-effective, and efficient. Solar heating for pools provide the key advantage of harnessing its power from a free and renewable source, the sun.

Once installed, an above-ground solar pool heater is practically free to use as they have very minimal maintenance costs. And the fact that solar heating for pools reduces carbon footprint makes it an ideal alternative to electric, gas, and heat pump heaters.

While an above-ground pool solar heater may require the help of a traditional electric system with heating swimming pools in cooler climates, you may be surprised that its benefits far outweigh its cost. Despite it, a lot of people are reticent to invest in solar pool heating. But you have to understand that, although the installation costs are quite pricey, solar heating for pools can reduce pool heating costs over time, and pay for themselves within two to four years. No matter how high the energy costs get, you will be able to enjoy an infinite supply of solar energy without having to worry about cutting back other utilities.

Plus, over the past few years, there have been improvements in solar heating for pools (whether in-ground or above-ground) which made solar pool heaters more affordable now than it was before. To add to that, solar heater manufacturers continue to introduce less costly alternatives, making it difficult to resist the investment.

Among other benefits, solar products are known for their durability. Due to fewer moving parts, solar pool heaters can last for several years. They are also expandable enough to heat either a small or large swimming pool.

In terms of considering the environment and your savings, a solar swimming pool heating system is obviously an ideal option. The time has come when protecting the environment is no longer a choice. Rather, it has become a responsibility. As a swimming pool owner, there are but a few good investment options out there that supports being environmentally conscientious, and that includes the use of solar heating for pools. So make a smart decision and go solar today!