Solar Heaters for Your Pool

by / Tuesday, 23 December 2014 / Published in Solar
pool solar heater

A pool solar heater has nearly endless benefits, one of which is that it can lengthen your swimming season in the most cost-efficient way possible. Thus, making a pool solar heater a great choice for warming swimming pools.

An average pool system usually already includes the controller, pump, and the filter, as well as plumbing pipes that route the flow of water. If you want your system to be powered by sunlight, you will need solar collector panels and a couple of flex hoses. You might also require adaptors. These are all widely available at pool supply stores.

The size of the surface area of the collector is usually about half the size of your pool. But, typically, the size of the solar collector panel depends on numerous factors:

Running time of the pool pump: You are able to collect more heat for the collector if the pool pump runs longer.

Type of pool: In general, an aboveground pool loses greater heat than an in-ground swimming pool. If you own the former, a collector with more surface area is required.

Shade: Consider the area where you are going to install the panels. If the area is shady, you will most likely need a bigger collector.

Wind: Glazed solar panel would be a better choice if wind is frequent in your area.

In order for the pool system to work with the use of solar power, you need to break into the PVC line, and then run a couple of PVC or flex hoses to the solar collector. The solar collector panel is either laid out on the ground or attached to the roof of your house. Learn the basics of solar pool heater installation here.

To heat pool water, make sure the valve is closed so that the water only runs through the solar collector panel. Otherwise, less water will flow through it. If you want to get the best results from running a pool solar heater, here are several ways that may help:

  • When the pool pump is running, position the solar collector panel in an area where sunlight is most abundant.
  • If the solar panels are fastened on the roof, reduce its resistance to water flow.
  • As much as you can, protect the panels from strong winds.
  • Run the swimming pool pump longer and during the sunniest time of the day to heat the pool better.
  • If you are using several solar panels, connect them in parallel to minimize the overall water pressure.

Why Use Solar Power for Pool Heating?

Although it is true that solar pool heater installation can be quite an investment at first, pool solar heater systems pay back the expenses just after a couple of years. It is also eco-friendly. And since a pool solar heater’s power comes from a renewable source, you will never have to worry about disrupted power lines.

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